One Less Die

(Cthulhu D20) GrumbleHammer 1920 - Session 1: The Carrigan Case

January 8, 2020

GrumbleHammer 1920 

“New Opportunity, New Horror” 

“The Roaring 20’s. A time of change, a time of new opportunity… and new horror. Where there is dark however, there are always those who would brave these mysterious vistas. These are the cases of Jericho Lichthammer, and myself: Dimitri Grumblewitz.”

Session 1: The Carrigan Case

(March 13th, 1920) “First steps into a much larger world. The investigators begin the new decade with a case as simple as they come, however little do they know that something brews beneath their feet, a mystery that will spark a journey into darkness and wonder...”


Chris - GM

Aaron - Dimitri Grumblewitz

Nathan - Jericho Lichthammer