One Less Die

(Cthulhu D20) Working Group TREESTAR - Episode 2: Driftbone Part 2

October 20, 2021

Call Sign:Dead leaves fall in Autumn.

Response:New leaves grow in Spring.


Chris - Handler

Aaron - Agent Bellemont, Richard (CSIS Surveillance Specialist) - Swiftcurrent, Saskatchewan

Dave - Agent Davids, Collin (TEMS Operative) - Swiftcurrent, Newfoundland

Session 2: Driftbone Part 2

The Agents have engaged the source of the strange biological anomalies roaming around Linsay, Ontario. This alien tree beast and it’s “bone lamppost” must be stopped, whatever it is they’re doing. Can the Agents put on a good show and veil out?

Musical Credits: 

Dreamlike by Kevin MacLeod



Hush by Kevin MacLeod



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