One Less Die

(Little Fears) - Ectozoic Park Session 2: The Three Ankylos Part 1

August 1, 2020

(This is cross-podcast series between One Less Die and The Roleplaying Exchange! Please enjoy this Rad Saturday Morning Spooktacular!)



Fall 1998/Drumheller, Alberta. It’s the September Country Fair out by River Grove Park. All manner of activity is a bustle, in the view of Drumheller’s “World’s Largest Dinosaur” statue, just across the Red Deer (River). But, the big T-Rex isn’t the only earthy sentinel lingering about. The strange outages carrying on from the Summer and forces beyond have enraged something ancient, incited by great pain. These now threaten the world of the living, ever closer to home.

Chris - GM

Travis - Jolencia Miller (9)

Adam - Timmy Jones (8)

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