One Less Die

(Mass Effect D20): Mass Effect WOLFPACK - Episode 6: Invasive Species Part 1

September 15, 2021


Chris - GM

Aaron - Theodore Ronin Hunter (Human Vanguard)

Josh - Hilo’Vael Vas Wolfpack Nar Colepsi (Quarian Machinist)

Seb - Korlus Runt (Krogan Battlemaster) (1.5 yrs old, looks “112 yrs”)

Dave - Olka Ibn’taaj (Batarian Infiltrator)

Session 6: Invasive Species Part 1

The Pathfinders of the WOLFPACK have got a heading, BACK to Elaaden! Here’s hoping they can catch up with the Yithadi crew and figure out whats going on… there’s definitely not gonna be obstacles in their way...nope.


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