One Less Die

(Mass Effect D20): Mass Effect WOLFPACK - Episode 7: Invasive Species Part 2

September 29, 2021


Chris - GM

Aaron - Theodore Ronin Hunter (Human Vanguard)

Josh - Hilo’Vael Vas Wolfpack Nar Colepsi (Quarian Machinist)

Seb - Korlus Runt (Krogan Battlemaster) (1.5 yrs old, looks “112 yrs”)

Dave - Olka Ibn’taaj (Batarian Infiltrator)

Session 7: Invasive Species Part 2

So the WOLFPACK Pathfinders skirmished with some terrorists, saving (part of) the Oasis Spaceport. Now, several hundred miles out in the Sea of Atraxia, they have uncovered another hiccup in their search for the Yithadi crew… juvenile Thresher Maw! What else has that crazy Krogan Shaman been up to?

Musical Credits: 

NewsSting by Kevin MacLeod



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