One Less Die

(Mass Effect D20): Mass Effect WOLFPACK - Episode 5: Rem-Noir Part 3

September 1, 2021


Chris - GM

Aaron - Theodore Ronin Hunter (Human Vanguard)

Josh - Hilo’Vael Vas Wolfpack Nar Colepsi (Quarian Machinist)

Seb - Korlus Runt (Krogan Battlemaster) (1.5 yrs old, looks “112 yrs”)

Dave - Olka Ibn’taaj (Batarian Infiltrator)

Session 5: Rem-Noir Part 3

In the depths of “the Pipes” of Khi Tasira, our Pathfinders have fought strange foes and recruited stranger allies. Their mission down in the Remnant darkness is coming to a close, though one of them has been dealt a most peculiar circumstance. How long before the rest find out of this secretive alienation?

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