One Less Die

(Pathfinder) Dat World! - Episode 16: Get Trolled! Part 2

August 25, 2021


Chris - GM

Aaron - Balthazar Romanov the Adventurous Arcane Shop owner

Crystal Chris - AMC Pacer the Ranger

Dave - Honzo the Video Game Fighter and son of Jago

Session 16: Get Trolled! 2

“Still on the hunt for the Typonatural plague in a town of liars, our heroes reconvene after dealing with threats both in and out of Stalegrad. But there is more to be done: Movie deals, conspiracies, a homecoming of an unknown “God-king” son, and a confrontation with the Republic of River Trolls. Things get interesting as we finish up the first season of Dat World!”


Musical Credits: 

The Pyre by Kevin MacLeod



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