One Less Die

(Shadowrun: The GTS) Episode 0: Food Fight, Eh.

November 6, 2019

Shadowrun: The GTS

It is the Dystopian Arcane-Cyberpunk future of the 2070s. Since the Awakening, decades of man, magic and machine intermingling have brought us both great troubles and wonders. Even in a world fractured by turmoil and oppression from Mega-Corporations to Draconic Powers... The 6ix shines on in the 6th world. Toronto is anything but SINless, and those who live in the Shadows keep the glam and spectacle of this entertainment city aglow, behind closed doors and in back alleys. So welcome to the Greater Toronto Sprawl, for when the sun goes down and the shadows run deep, that’s where the magic happens!

Session 0: Food Fight, Eh

The Tavern meet-up 2070s style. The Runners, unaware of each other as yet, all end up where many do in the early hours, a Stuffer Shack. That’s when the troubles started.


Chris - GM

Dave - Trevor “Huey” Riggs (Troll Physical Adept and Ex-Beat Cop)

Aaron - Alatar “Jonathan Strange” Pollando (Elf Former Wage Mage)